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Knotty Walnut ColoradoHardwood Floor

Nanolinx HD

The Admiration Collection, trendy colors for a unique ambiance. Rich wood combined with the color of creativity.

  • Knotty Walnut Colorado - Ambiance
  • Knotty Walnut Colorado - Surface
35-year Warranty
against wear of finish
on residential applications
lifetime limited warranty

Availability by type of flooring:

Order up to 6 samples for $19.95

Order a sample
Min. 1000 sq.ft.
Min. 500 sq.ft.
See no. (#sku)
Classic 100% hardwood
Width Cashmere*
3 1/4" (83 mm) # 31661
4 1/4" (108 mm)
# 22916
Engineered Real wood over a hardwood plywood base
Width Cashmere*
5" (127 mm) # 22917

*Cashmere is a registered trademark used under license.

This product is also available in the Herringbone Collection!

Samples Order up to 6 samples for $19.95 Order Maintenance
and repair
Find easily the right product for your floor

Technical Specifications - Collection Admiration:

Mirage - Classic
Mirage - Engineered
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