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Plan Your Project
Choosing Your Floor
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Mirage Herringbone
A) Before You Begin
  • Install floor last when doing renovations.
  • Heat the home for at least one week before installation.
  • Keep subfloor dry and make sure basement is well ventilated.
  • Maintain relative humidity ± 45% [between 25% and 70%].
  • Use a hygrometer [relative humidity indicator] to check moisture content in the air to ensure that relative humidity is within the recommended range.
  • Allow concrete subfloors to dry for at least 30 days [preferably 45 to 90 days].
  • Procure the recommended waterproof membrane.
  * Important: Wear your security equipment and maintain a safe environment at all times.
Prepare your tools and accessories
Check subfloor moisture level
Check that subfloor is appropriate
Clean the subfloor
B) Preparation
Measure, measure, and measure again!

The secret to successful Herringbone floor installation is measurement accuracy. The more accurate the measurement, the better the results!
Determine pattern direction
Install guidelines
Make a backer board
Apply adhesive
C) Laying Boards
Cut reversing tongues
Install the first board
Nail down the first row of boards with a hammer
Install subsequent rows the same way
Achieve the perfect finishing touch!
Wait 24 hours before moving furniture back into place.
Enjoy your Mirage floor for many years to come!
In the event of a discrepancy between the information written in this section and the Installation Guide, the latter shall prevail.