Yellow Birch Hardwood flooring

The look of Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch is a species with a close, straight grain that gives it a relatively even texture. Its boards sometimes have a curly or wavy look. Even when exposed to intense light, Yellow Birch has the advantage of showing minimal color variation. To maintain the wood's elegance for many years, Mirage applies a UV protector at the finishing stage.

Yellow Birch is a creamy yellow or pale white: its heartwood is reddish-brown with red highlights.

Yellow Birch: For décor that inspires elegance!

The colors of Yellow Birch
Rich Oak
The Facts on Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch grows primarily in Quebec, the northeastern United States, and the Great Lakes region. It can reach a height of 70 ft. (21 m) and a diameter of 2 ft. (0.6 m).

Marks, scratches, or imperfections are more visible on Yellow Birch because of its close, even grain and pale color. The coarser grain of oak and ash hides marks better. A matte finish will help make marks less noticeable.

Hardness: 1260 lbs.

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