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Mirage Lock is even greener!

Mirage, the prefinished hardwood flooring brand renowned for its quality, is pleased to announce that its Mirage Lock glueless engineered floors is now made of an HDF core that contains wood that are from 100% of post-industrial recycled fiber making it greener than ever and helping to contribute to LEED credits.

“At Mirage, we are taking concrete steps toward our commitment to a better tomorrow. We are very proud of this Mirage Lock’s improvement that is part of our ongoing approach to sustainable development – it also provides our customers with a product that is truly in line with their needs as far as high-performance and easy installation.” explained Luc Robitaille, Vice President of Marketing at Boa-Franc, manufacturer of the Mirage brand.

The wear layer of Mirage Lock uses 6 times less hardwood than conventional 3/4” solid board to cover the same floor surface. Mirage Lock is hypoallergenic; it can be installed cleanly, with no dust from sanding or organic vapors. Its finish is made of products that do not contain any VOC or formaldehyde. Mirage Lock is in full compliance with phase 1 of CARB 93120 certification of California. What’s more, Mirage Lock’s tension-free locking system gives the freedom to move the floor since it reduces damage to the locking system caused by repeated use. With the Mirage Lock, consumers get the best of all worlds; unmatched beauty of real hardwood boards, durability, and a product that contributes to the environ¬ment. Mirage Lock represents true value. 

About Mirage

Absolute consistency in grade, species, finish, coloring, width, and thickness guar¬antees that Mirage prefinished hardwood floors are smooth, uniform, easy to install, and beautiful beyond compare. Mirage also continues to take responsible, concrete action—as it has for the past 25 years—with an innovative approach to sustainable development.

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