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Mirage TruBalance technology: the platform of the future!

Saint-Georges, February 5, 2021 – Mirage, the hardwood flooring brand renowned for quality, is pleased to present TruBalance, the flooring technology platform of the future—now available with most Mirage product offerings and new products. 


Mirage is raising the bar yet again as it continues to push boundaries in quality flooring. Trubalance, which features a unique core technology of real wood lamella over quarter sawn SPF fingers, offers multiples benefits, including unmatched stability, ease of installation, peace of mind, and a wide variety of on-trend colors. Combining the best features of each platform, it has 3/4’’ thick board like the Classic technology, has an increased stability over traditional Engineered and has the floating installation capability of the Lock technology. Mirage TruBalance can be nailed, stapled, glued or floated, over a wood or concrete subfloor. It can be used on, above, and below grade, including over a radiant heat system. And it’s made with a mix of wood components and fast-growing locally sourced SPF to take into account the tree life cycle, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to products made from slower growing hardwood. 


Already tested and approved in the market for many years, retailers and installers appreciate this product for its versatility, performance and lightness which makes their work much easier. Its innovative 3-ply structure is ideal for many installation environments and brings peace of mind to customers. 


“Known as our Triple Crown, TruBalance technology is definitely the platform of the future. It combines the best features of each technology we’ve been using for decades at Mirage to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. TruBalance is the perfect alliance between nature’s strengths and Mirage ingenuity,” says Brad Williams, Vice President of Marketing at Boa-Franc, the makers of the Mirage brand.  

TruBalance technology is available in the Flair, Sweet Memories, Imagine, Admiration and Natural Collections in 5", 6-1/2", and 7-3/4" widths with a Cashmere®* or DuraMatt® finish depending on the collection. It is also available in Herringbone 5" with 30" long boards. For all details, visit the Mirage Floor website as of February 2021.

*Cashmere is a registered trademark used under license.



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