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Mirage Mirage Celebrating 40 years of manufacturing the best hardwood floors in North America

Mirage Mirage

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Wood Specialist

From the very beginning, we've had just one goal:
to make the world's best hardwood flooring!

Because we recognize that purchasing a wood floor is both an investment and an important part of any décor, each and every person associated with Mirage adds a personal and unique touch of expertise to each floor produced, as if it were destined for their own home.

To make sure Mirage is a brand you can trust for the finest in hardwood flooring, we have joined in partnership with suppliers, distributors, and dealers who share our passion for wood and exacting standards of quality.

We invite you to visit your local Mirage dealer to discuss your project and get a quote.

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Mirage at a glance

A workforce that has grown from 3 to more than 750 employees

Over 1,200 dealers across North America

45 awards for quality

The area of the two facilities are equal to 14 football fields

2 cutting edge plants,

Sorting facility,

Kiln drying units,

Production lines,

Finishing lines

More than 500 products developed over the last five years

An outstanding brand
with an outstanding history!

Our story is also your story!


Company acquired by Pierre Thabet on September 1

Manufacturing of unfinished boards continues


March 3, facilities destroyed by a major fire

May 28, construction of the new building is complete

This incident provides the spark that gave rise to the company’s philosophy of “Spirit” - the passion and dedication that drives our entire team


Construction of the first dryers


Construction of the first sorting table


Start of prefinished floor manufacturing
Launch of the Mirage brand
First sales in western Canada


Introduction of Mirage products to the US


Construction of sorting facilities
ISO 9001 certification


Launch of Mirage Engineered floors

Introduction of the Alumix finish


Construction of second plant

Launch of Maestro Dealer program and Maestro Dealer display


Launch of the Sweet Memories Collection and its variable staining process


Launch of a third application technology: Mirage Lock


Launch of the Alive Collection with lightly brushed surface


Introduction of the 6-1/2" width 


Textured floor collection added: the Imagine Collection 

Launch of the order online website for samples


Launch of the order online website for maintenance and repair products


Flair Collection added with the ultramatte finish


Introduction of the 7-3/4" width 


Introduction of the new boards lengths up to 82".


Introduction of an environmentally safe and unique process highlighting the color variations in the floors


Brushed and Engraved Textures added in the Admiration Collection


Launch of the DreamVille and Escape collections. Lock technology: now wider and longer! 


New colors added in our popular Collections. Launch of the Trubalance technology: the plateform of the future!


A new color added in our DreamVille Collection : Sanibel    


Launch of the new Chevron Collection! Added Loveland, Bow Valley and Tofino colors to the DreamVille Collection. Addition of the Patina color to the Flair Collection. 

September 2023

Celebrating 40 years of manufacturing the best hardwood floors in North America.