QR codes on samples

get access to up-to-date product’s information in a few seconds!

Take advantage of the QR codes printed on Mirage sample boards.

Use your smartphone or tablet and get access to all information about the Mirage selected product by scanning the QR code.

A simple, fast, and efficient way to always rely on up-to-date information on
Mirage product offering: sku#, available widths, finishes, colors, species, minimum
orders, etc.

How does it work?

  1. Download a free QR code reader app via your smartphone or tablet Ex. i-nigma, Red Laser.

  2. Open the app and scan the QR code on a sample.

  3. You will then be directed to the sample’s Product Web page that contains complete details on this particular product



Foxwood Flooring will be transitioning with our sister brand Mirage Hardwood Floors.

You will be able to add to your existing Foxwood floor, or choose from the much expanded Mirage Hardwood Floors collection.

Rest assured that you will continue to have the same quality and service that the Foxwood brand was known for.