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Wood Grades

What is the grade?

The grade is a way to classify wood planks according to natural color variation and the presence of knots, mineral streaks, and other character marks. It refers only to the visual aspect of wood. It is not a measure of quality.


Wood planks with unlimited natural wood characteristics as pronounced color variation, open and closed knots, mineral streaks, surface holes, and other character or milling marks. The Character grade offers a look that nature gives us.


The Elemental grade offers a wider concentration of color variation than the Exclusive grade for a distinctive look. It may feature wood planks with some pronounced and nuanced coloration, small open and closed knots, and mineral streaks.


Wood planks with some pronounced and nuanced coloration. The Exclusive grade offers a range of color variations. Small knots and knots filled with putty are allowed. Restricted in diameter and in number, Mineral streaks are also allowed, but restricted in number.

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Maple Character Smooth
Maple Exclusive Smooth
Red Oak Character Brushed
Red Oak Exclusive Brushed
White Oak R&Q Character Brushed
White Oak R&Q Exclusive Brushed
White Oak Character Brushed
White Oak Exclusive Brushed