White Oak Hardwood flooring

The look of White Oak

The grain of White Oak is similar to that of Red Oak. Its color ranges from light creamy beige to grayish brown. White Oak will undergo moderate color changes overtime, taking on a slightly amber tone. It is essentially a straight-grained wood with a medium to coarse texture and longer rays than Red Oak. To maintain the wood's elegance for many years, Mirage applies a UV protector at the finishing stage.

The sapwood of White Oak is almost white, while the heartwood is grayish brown.

White Oak: So beautiful by nature!

The colors of White Oak
Bubble Bath
White Mist
Hula Hoop
Grey Drizzle
Sand Dune
Sand Castle
Roller Coaster
Lunar Eclipse
The Facts on White Oak

White Oak grows in a wide variety of soil types and ranges from southern Quebec and Ontario to Georgia in the United States. This species prefers a warm, humid climate and does not like overly harsh winters. White Oak can grow up to 35 m (115 ft.) tall, with a trunk 50 to 120 cm (20 to 47 in.) in diameter.

Hardness: 1360 lbs.

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