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Installing hardwood floors

Frequently asked questions

Should I let the wood adapt to the ambient conditions before installing it?

Yes, in order for the wood to adapt to the surrounding conditions, we suggest storing the boxes in the room where the floor will be installed at least 24 hours before installation. For Lock and Engineered technologies, leave the boxes sealed.

Can we install a hardwood floor on a vinyl floor?

Installing hardwood on vinyl can be difficult. It depends if the vinyl adheres well to the subfloor and is cushioned. If the vinyl is not securely fastened to the subfloor, the wood floor could lift up and separate from the subfloor. On the other hand, if the vinyl is cushioned, the hardwood floor may creak. For best results, install a hardwood floor on a clean, flat, solid subfloor that meets the manufacturer's recommendations. See our installation guides for more details.

Which underlayment should be used under a Mirage floor?

For acoustical reasons, you can install the Mirage Engineered floors glued to an underlayment. However, the pad/assembly must meet the minimum criteria and not contain fasteners.

Technical Newsletter #26
Underlay [soundproofing] criteria for glued down installation with Mirage Engineered product (PDF)

What is the Recommended Subfloors for under a hardwood floor?

The recommended subfloor is 5/8'' CDX plywood or ¾`` OSB. Concrete or levelers that provide 3000 psi are acceptable when Engineered floors are glued down. Lock floors and some Engineered can be floated.

Mirage Classic floors can be nailed or stapled, and Engineered floors can be glued, or stapled, or nailed over 5/8" (16 mm) thick plywood or 3/4" (19 mm) OSB board, if installed over a 16" (400 mm) center-to-center joist substructure. In addition, Engineered flooring can be glued down over concrete. See your Mirage installation guide for more details.

Technical Newsletter #25
Floated installation of Engineered flooring of 5”, 6-1/2” and 7-3/4” widths, for use within
the recommended moisture levels

What types of wood floors can be installed on a concrete slab?

With the development ofnew types of wood floors, you can now install Engineered or Mirage Lock flooring on concrete. Wood floors retain their beauty for many years when installed using appropriate methods. The use of recommended adhesives and a compatible vapor barrier promotes a hassle-free installation of a Mirage Engineered floor. Mirage Lock floors has revolutionized the installation: it has never been easier to install wood floors. Once the recommended membrane is laid on the concrete, simply assemble the planks without the use of nails or glue. It is not recommended to install 3/4 "Mirage Classic solid wood flooring over concrete. See our installation guide for more informations.

Is it possible to install hardwood flooring if I have a wood stove?

It is possible, but we suggest installing a ceramic surface around your fireplace to reduce the possibility of sparks on hardwood. However, to ensure the floor remains in a good condition, the ambient humidity must be maintained according to the recommendations of your technology. (Classic: 45%. | Engineered 45% | Lock: 50%)

What is the use of black felt paper during installation?

Felt paper is used to reduce and delay moisture transmission from the subfloor to the wood floor.

How to remove traces of glue visible after glue-down installation of a hardwood floor?

It is very important to clean the glue as you are installing. If the glue is visible, use the cleaner recommended by the manufacturer of the glue used, mineral spirits, acetone, or lighter fluid and  apply with a clean white cloth. Always use these products carefully and test on a concealed surface to ensure they do not damage the floor. Avoid rubbing vigorously for too long.

How can I prevent water and humidity damage to my hardwood floor?

Before installing a Mirage floor, the subfloor should always be tested to ensure that it is at the correct moisture level. All potential sources of moisture should be eliminated to avoid future moisture problems. However, relative humidity should still be monitored. For optimal results, maintain relative humidity at around 45%.

There is also the potential for damage from liquid on your floor if improperly cleaned. Clean up spills right away to prevent lasting damage and use Mirage cleaner as directed in our Residential Maintenance Guide.

Where can I find a wood floor installer?

The National Wood Flooring Association also has a great resource in their Find A Certified Professional tool linked here.

It’s recommended that you seek out the services of installation specialists who guarantee their work, given the importance of your investment in your hardwood floor and the long-term stakes surrounding its installation.

Can I install a hardwood floor in the basement?

Yes, it is necessary to select the right technology and to carry out the correct preparation on the subfloor. Refer to our installation guides to make sure you follow the recommendations.

Can I use hardwood flooring to make a wooden wall?

Of course! The pose can be glued directly to the wall or nailed / stapled to the wall studs. The installation is similar except that you do not need to use padding as a support, except if you wish.

Is it possible to install Engineered flooring over radiant heat?

Absolutely. It is possible to install our Engineered and Lock products over radiant heat, except Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) and Hickory. Indeed, the physical properties of these prohibit it. Please consult your Mirage installation guide for more information.

What hardwood floor is best over radiant heat ?

Our Engineered and Lock products can be installed over radiant heat, except for Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) and Hickory. They should not be installed over radiant heat because of their physical properties. See your Mirage installation guide for more details.

Can I install hardwood flooring in my bathroom?

Highly moist environments, such as full bathrooms where you find sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower or even powder rooms and half-baths are not recommended for hardwood.

Can I install hardwood flooring in my kitchen?

Yes -  just be sure to take precautions with anything that could cause moisture damage tothe floor. If a spill occurs, clean it up quickly. In addition, an Engineered floor, which is made of a hardwood strip  on top of plywood, will tend to offer better strength than Solid/Classic technology. You can also choose a floor that is more permissive to visible damage and can hide the marks more easily (color, grain, species)