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Mirage Products

Frequently asked questions

Why choose hardwood flooring?

Among the wide array of possible floor coverings, hardwood provides some incomparable qualities. It’s natural, environmentally friendly, attractive, warm, and easy to maintain—giving any home’s decor a rich and distinctive feel while increasing resale value. Hardwood flooring also helps create a healthy home environment by eliminating the allergens associated with dust-trapping carpet.

Mirage floors in Engineered and Classic technologies can also be sanded and re-stained three to five times, allowing you to change the look of your floor without a complete replacement.

What is the difference between hardwood flooring and LVT?

A hardwood floor is made of real wood, while an LVT floor is made of vinyl that imitates the appearance of other types of flooring such as hardwood, ceramic, stone or concrete.

Is Mirage Lock floor sound-absorbing?

We are very proud of Mirage’s excellent acoustical test results. Our floor boasts an FIIC (Field Impact Insulation Class) of 63 dB and an FSTC (Field Sound Transmission Class) of 56 dB. The tests were conducted according to ASTM and ISO standards for impact and airborne sound transmission. These results were achieved when testing Mirage Lock installed on an Ulti-Mat membrane over a single 8" concrete slab. Results exceed the recommendations of most condominium associations.

How does the Mirage finish offer better wear resistance than an on-site varnished floor?

Mirage's Nanolinx finish is clearer, more flexible and five time more wear resistant than most finishes on the market due to the mesh of nanoparticles. the "Finishes" section for more information.

What are the differences between prefinished and on-site finished hardwood flooring?

Prefinished hardwood flooring has been completely finished in-factory and is ready to install in your home.  Unfinished flooring is raw hardwood that must first be installed and then sanded and refinished on site. Once prefinished flooring is installed (with a fastener), you can walk on it and put furniture on it immediately, making it less hassle for the homeowner. Boards can also be replaced without having to remove the entire floor, which is why we suggest to keep leftover wood in case you need it.

Which wood species is the hardest?

Choosing a floor that is right for your home is about more than choosing the hardest species. All our products are made from real hardwood, and with the natural beauty of each species come benefits. If you are looking for a species that will reduce the appearance of any regular wear-and-tear, choose something with distinct and visible grain pattern.

Explore the various species Mirage offers here.

What is wood grade?

Grade is a way to classify wood planks according to natural color variations and the presence of character marks. The grade is only visual and not a measure of quality, so choosing the grade that is right for you is about personal taste and needs. The more character the wood has, the better the floor will disguise everyday bumps and bruises, whereas the more uniform, the more visible any damage may appear.

See examples of the grades offered by Mirage here

What is the difference in the textures offered?

We have an array of textures available on our products that add depth to an already beautiful floor, increasing its natural beauty. Some texture also helps to disguise minor wear and tear in addition to enhancing visual appeal.

Smooth: a smooth and silky surface that is timeless and classic.

Brushed: a brushed texture with a soft and velvety look.

Cork Look: a cork-like texture that delivers distinctive depth.

Engraved: an engraved texture that offers striking color variations and a distinctive look.

Which flooring is the most durable in a high-traffic area or if I have children or pets?

The more people there are, the greater the traffic and the better your floor needs to be at minimizing the appearance of any everyday wear and tear. If you have young children or pets, choose a textured hardwood floor or one with character and color variation. Matte finishes also tend to minimize the appearance of dents and scratches.

What is an Engineered flooring?

Engineered floors are made of several layers. The top and bottom layers are made entirely of natural wood. In the middle, there are 5 to 7 layers of plywood in different positions that provides a very stable core that responds better to wet environments, radiant systems or concrete slabs.

Can I install different types of flooring in different rooms of my house?

Certainly, but the "rule of three" known in the hardwood industry suggests that you should only see a maximum of three different types of flooring from any point of view of your home.

Which hardwood flooring type/technology is best for my home?

Choosing a flooring technology depends on the environment it will be installed. Mirage offers three floor types: Engineered, Lock, and Classic (solid).

Engineered and Lock technologies have more flexibility in surfaces they can be installed over since they can be glued down and floated. If you have a concrete slab or in-floor radiant heat these technologies are best.

For ease of installation, the Lock is a great option. Once the recommended underlayment is rolled out, you simply lock the boards together with no need for nails or adhesive.

Speak to your Mirage dealer about which technology might be best for you.

See "Flooring 101 / Floor Types" for more informations.

Floor choice: light or dark? How to choose?

Both colours have theirs advantages. Light wood floors add brightness and allow color to be introduced into the room. Choosing a lighter hardwood floor can allow you to express yourself by selecting paint or furniture in a more vibrant colour. Alternatively, a dark hardwood floor offers a more traditional look. Light walls often blend better with a dark hardwood floor.

Which colours options do I have in Mirage floors?

Hardwood flooring is now a key decorative element in any space. Mirage prefinished floors are offered in a offer a range of on-trend, contrasting, and multi-tone color options. To see the wide array of options to suit your personal style visit our current offerings here.

Is a Mirage hardwood floor safe for the environment?

Mirage hardwood floors create a healthy environment by minimizing the risk of allergy to dust. In addition, the hardwood floor is a natural floor covering, making it an ecological choice. Learn more about our green efforts.

Which finish should I choose for my wood floor?

Mirage offers three finishes for our prefinished wood floors so there is an option for every taste and need.

  • Semi-gloss: A medium shine, a classic for prefinished floors.
  • Cashmere (Matte): A satin finish that reduces the appearance of marks and scratches.
  • Duramatt® (Ultra-matte): A highly matte finish that gives the look of oiled hardwood floors with the protection of polyurethane. The most matte finish we offer and the best for disguising minor bumps and bruises.
What lengths of boards should I expect?

Board length varies in every box for installation and depends on the technology and width of the flooring you choose.


Width Board Length Range
2- 9/16” 14” to 46”
3- 5/16” 14” to 46”
5” 20” to 82”
6- 1/2” 20” to 82”
7- 3/4“ 23” to 82”


Width Board Length Range
2- 1/4” 10” to 76”
3- 1/4” 10” to 76”
4- 1/4” 10” to 76”


Width Board Length Range
4- 5/16” 14” to 46”