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Mirage Mirage Celebrating 40 years of manufacturing the best hardwood floors in North America

Mirage Mirage

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Maple Park City Character EngravedHardwood floors

Nanolinx® HD

Escape Collection, to escape from the daily routine. Neutral-toned floors for a warm atmosphere.

  • Maple Park City Character Engraved - Ambience image
  • Maple Park City Character Engraved - Floor image
35-year Warranty
against wear of finish
on residential applications
lifetime limited warranty

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Engineered Real wood over a hardwood plywood base
Width Cashmere®*
5" (127 mm) # 44699
Classic 100% hardwood
Width Cashmere®*
3 1/4" (83 mm) # 44692
4 1/4" (108 mm) # 44702

*Cashmere is a registered trademark used under license.

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