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Caring for hardwood floors

Frequently asked questions

How often is it possible to sand a hardwood floor?

Three to four times for Mirage Classic and Engineered floors. The Mirage Lock floor can not be sanded but can be resurfaced.

How often do I have to sand my hardwood floor?

In general, hardwood floors are resurfaced at 7 to 10 years to give them a second life. However, it depends on maintenance and the daily wear-and-tear (presence of animals, a lot of traffic, children ...)

How to prevent marks on a hardwood floor?

A mark occurs when the wood fibers are compressed. The pressure needed to cause a mark depends on the hardness of the wood. Some floors are easier to mark than others, simply because the hardness of the wood varies with the species. Avoid putting too much pressure on your floor. Hardwood floors are made to last a long time, but they must nevertheless be given some precautions if they want to keep their beautiful appearance.

What can be done to protect my floor from UV light damage?

Move the throw rugs and furniture occasionally. Drapes, curtains, shutters or blinds can drastically cut down on any UV and infrared light reaching the floor. You can also apply a specialty film to your windows designed to drastically cut down the damaging rays reaching your floor.

What should I use to clean my hardwood floor?

Mirage Clean ecofriendly maintenance products are specially designed to care for prefinished hardwood flooring, quick and easy to use. They are non-abrasive, leave no marks or residue, and do not require rinsing. Never use cleaners that contain waxes as they may cause wax buildup on your floor. You can find Mirage cleaning products for purchase online here.

The use of steam cleaners, refreshers, and polishes should be avoided as they may permanently damage your flooring.

Can I use a steam cleanerto clean my hardwood floor?

Steam engines are not recommended for cleaning Mirage floors. Because planks are installed individually, moisture could build up between planks and cause damage to your floor. For best results, we recommend using our Eco Maintenance Kit available at a Mirage retailer near you on our website.

How often do I have to vacuum / clean my hardwood floor?

In general, vacuuming or sweeping twice a week to remove dust and abrasive dirt is optimal for best results. However, the frequency depends greatly on your lifestyle (animals, children, a lot of traffic, damage ...)

How can I prevent dog nail scratches on my hardwood floor?

Mirage makes one of the best wood floors in the industry. However, we cannot make wood harder than nature intended. Dogs that walk on the floor (with their nails trimmed) normally won't cause any severe damage. However, when dogs take off at a run, even small dogs with properly groomed nails can scratch any wood floor.  They will turn their paws to get a grip.

Prevention is the best option. Using runners in high-traffic areas will help protect the floor and will be safer for the dog. The finish cannot prevent compression marks or scratches from occurring on wood flooring. Choosing a low gloss, textured floor will naturally help reduce the scratching effect and make it more adapted for those who own dogs.