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Fulfill your desire for a timeless design with high-quality Mirage Chevron Hardwood Floors
Choose from 11 colors and 5 patterns to suit your décor and get decades' worth of quality with a superior wear-resistant finish and unparalleled hardwood floor technology.
Designed with quality materials to be as enduring as it is elegant, Chevron flooring is synonymous with durability. Each wood board is carefully assembled on an innovative platform for stability, precision-milled to exacting measurements, and coated with a high-caliber finish for resistance and easy maintenance.
Durable Wear Resistance
Protected with DuraMatt®, a polyurethane finish offering 20 times more wear resistance than conventional oil finishes for residential or light commercial uses and a 4-mm wear layer of hardwood that can be sanded 3 to 5 times.
Versatile Designs
Mix and match Chevron colors, different TruBalance wood floorboards, or various flooring materials. Add hardwood floor inlays, combine patterns, and create spatial divisions. Chevron offers endless layout possibilities to create unique and stunning designs.
Varied Selection
Available in 11 colors, the Chevron Collection features White Oak, one of the most esthetically pleasing wood species, to delight the senses and provide exclusive styling options to unique homeowners.
Timeless Appeal
Whether in palace-style décors, contemporary high-end offices, or large and small rooms alike, Chevron flooring never looks dépassé. It transcends space and time to fit in the homes and workplaces of any era.
The pleasing geometry of chevron brings an unrivalled illusion of movement.
The zigzags set at a 45-degree angle seem to come alive, creating an unrivaled illusion of movement sure to make this classy floor the focal point of any space.
Salon avec plancher de motif chevron
Versatile Design Options
Chevron floors are a way to introduce some pattern into the design of your home. The shape of the boards provides endless layout possibilities to refine any setting, whether a spacious contemporary room or a snug rustic space. Some patterns can make small rooms appear larger, while others, like pattern inlays, can introduce visual divisions into roomier spaces.
Hallway with chevron pattern floor
Chevron floor insert
Floor with chevron pattern mixed with colored tiles
Moreover, combining different TruBalance wood floorboards or alternating 2 or 3 colors creates stunning effects that add depth and personality to a room.
Here are 5 patterns to inspire your design.
From the outside world… to your interior décor.
Knitting pattern
Classic and timeless
From a rich architectural heritage, it is also associated with the delicate weaving of a cashmere knit.
Frontenac castle
Double-headed arrow
Neo-Gothic style aims to revive medieval forms, contrasting with classical elements.
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn bridge
Renowned worldwide for its unique architecture, it was the first suspension bridge of its kind made of steel wire.
Transparent leaf
Leaf line
The fingerprint of nature
Natural architecture in complete symbiosis with biophilic design.
Romantic bridge
Romance and nostalgia
Great escape and serenity near the sea. An unforgettable walk on an exceptional floor.
Sawn Hardwood Lamella
SPF Quarter Sawn Core
Wood Backing Veneer
Durable Quality

Mirage Chevron flooring is made with 5-inch boards built with a 3-ply structure that ensures the flooring maintains stability in varying conditions and can be installed over a radiant heating system.

TruBalance technology delivers multiple advantages:

  • 4-mm wear layer of hardwood that can be sanded 3 to 5 times
  • SPF core with a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Wood backing veneer
  • Total thickness of 19 mm (3/4 inch)

Additionally, each board is protected with DuraMatt®, a polyurethane finish that offers 20 times more wear resistance than conventional oil finishes. The hypoallergenic coating provides superior resistance to stains, scratches, and abrasion, and it is backed by a 35-year warranty on finish wear-through for residential applications.

Generally, Chevron flooring is trickier to install because of its intricate layout. However, when done right, the tightly set boards provide further stability to an already solid construction. It is therefore strongly recommended to enlist the services of qualified professionals and experienced installers.


Timeless Appeal
Dating back to the 16th century, Chevron floors were first installed in royal palaces by skilled craftsmen and then popularized in France throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, becoming a timeless classic style that fits in the homes of any era, be they modern or traditional.
White oak
Mirage Chevron floors are made with White Oak Character Brushed, one of the most esthetically pleasing wood species, that blends well with most styles and color schemes. The character of White Oak offsets bolder layouts, allowing it to work in a variety of décors including residential and light commercial settings.
Furthermore, White Oak is a hard species that lasts for decades, which means it holds up in high-traffic areas in the home such as kitchens, entrances, living rooms and hallways due to its high durability and resilience. Its tight cellular structure puts it at 1360 on the Janka Hardness Scale.
Lbf (pound-force) units
Red Oak
White Oak
A Varied Selection of Stains to Enhance the Natural Beauty of Wood in Your Design
Mirage Chevron floors are offered in 11 colors ranging from neutral tones to richer hues, a full spectrum to delight the senses and achieve your desired look.
Échantillons de planchers
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