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Naturally responsible

Our purpose

We believe that we positively impact the health and well-being of people and the environment through transforming responsibly harvested wood into the best hardwood floors proudly North American.

Feeling good with Mirage

More than ever, being in harmony with nature and protecting the environment are principles at the heart of our corporate philosophy and reflected in our actions.

We respect the highest environmental standards

Thereby providing future generations and the entire ecosystem, with a healthy and non-polluting product.

How do we manage wood in a sustainable way?

Implementing selective cutting

Implementing selective cutting to promote tree growth and resilience while maintaining the diversity of species. 

Partaking in preservation and reforestation projects

Partaking in preservation and reforestation projects to improve air quality and replenish resources.

Reducing energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption by using wind power technologies for drying wood in the open air.

Proudly North American

Often touted as the best way to be environmentally friendly and support your community, buying local means just that – purchasing items manufactured near you. By purchasing goods
that are produced locally, you stimulate the economy in which you live - jobs are
created or retained, families and cultures are supported, and the community thrives
and grows.

Purchasing locally also means that you have more control over quality; you know that
certain goods have been produced in a way that meets national standards, especially
in terms of responsible forest management.

Furthermore, sourcing locally reduces the transportation costs associated with your
goods. Buying local puts less strain on the environment by using less gas, and thus fewer emissions.

We design hardwood floors that can last up to
0 Years
and <span>does not damage the environment</span>

and does not damage the environment

Performance and Nature:

it is the perfect combination to offer you a product that exceeds your expectations.

Choosing Mirage hardwood floors is a responsible choice.


We think and we work green

Our constant efforts in sustainable development are recognized

5 reasons why

you should choose Mirage hardwood over plastic flooring

(LVT or SPC, WPC and rigid-core products*)