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Discover the newest color trends in hardwood flooring to highlight your home décor and make it your own.
Explore 8 exquisite colors from our Muse Collection for durable White Oak hardwood floors made by a proudly North American manufacturer.

Be your own Muse! Express your sophisticated style through your home décor and let yourself be inspired by our Muse Collection, which offers 8 modern colors of durable hardwood floors named after remarkable women with enduring legacies. Built on a 3-ply structure, these White Oak hardwood floors are engineered to add lasting value to your home.

On-trend colors

Choose from a select series of 8 elegant colors of White Oak hardwood flooring available in Linear and Herringbone planks to complement the latest interior design styles.

Durable investment
Enjoy beautiful floors for years with engineered 3-ply hardwood floorboards that can be installed on any level of your home and a time-tested exclusive DuraMatt® finish that offers up to 35 years of wear-through protection for residential applications.
Proudly North American

Benefit from the superior quality, beauty, and durability of Mirage Floors, made by a proudly North American manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art products use quality wood from responsibly managed forests to create the finest hardwood flooring, designed to last and to give you peace of mind.

Renowned quality

See and feel your color choice in your home with complimentary samples of genuine hardwood flooring or shop in-store at a local Mirage dealer.

Easy maintenance

Save time with minimal maintenance provided by a quality hardwood floor. Mirage offers specially formulated cleaning products that efficiently remove everyday dirt to keep your floor always looking pristine.

A collection with inspirational women as your muse

The Muse Collection is an ode to amazing women throughout history who are remembered for their outstanding achievements.

These audacious and passionate women dedicated their lives to pursuing their dreams, regardless of the obstacles they faced. They provide inspiration that goes well beyond arts, music, and literature.

The women are a selection of muses from around the world: they've inspired people to make a difference in the society we live in.

The names given to the floors of the Muse Collection have been selected in honor of these muses and their impact on humankind.

A timeless yet updated look, perfect for any home

The important work accomplished by these women continues to influence today's world. Consequently, the colors in this collection have been designed to bridge past and present by enabling homeowners to combine traditional and contemporary styles that emphasize harmony and balance between the old and new, classical and modern.

In the same spirit of innovation and forward-thinking displayed by these women, our sophisticated wood flooring colors are versatile and adapt to many contemporary design styles, from minimalist to eclectic, providing a welcome juxtaposition with sleek modern elements that push the boundaries of what is possible for home design.

Clean lines, modern materials, innovative technology, and bold design elements can coexist on a natural backdrop to create a luxurious ambiance while keeping the space functional, comfortable, and inviting for all.
8 stylish colors that highlight your home décor in their own unique way

Colors curated to elevate the style of your home.

A stunning look that adapts to your lifestyle

The Muse Collection is made with White Oak, one of the most esthetically pleasing wood species, that blends well with most styles and color schemes. The appearance of White Oak offsets bolder layouts, so it works well in a variety of décors including residential and light commercial settings.

White Oak is a hard species that lasts for decades, which means it holds up in high-traffic areas of the home such as kitchens, entrances, living rooms, and hallways due to its high durability and resilience. Its tight cellular structure puts it at 1360 on the Janka Hardness Scale.

Lbf (pound-force) units
Red Oak
White Oak

Furthermore, White Oak hardwood floors require little maintenance, mostly regular sweeping and vacuuming. Their protective matt finish and brushed texture hide the appearance of scratches caused by everyday life, prolonging the wood’s natural beauty. The DuraMatt® finish also contains an antimicrobial agent for a cleaner environment, and overall, hardwood floors create a healthier living space by minimizing the effects of dust allergies.
Learn more about hardwood floor maintenance here: Maintenance tips to care for your hardwood floor | Mirage Floors.

Wood grades:
Unique character or an exclusive refined look

Achieve your perfect style for any space by choosing between the two distinct wood grades offered in our Muse Collection. A grade classifies wood boards according to natural color variations and the presence of knots, mineral streaks, and character marks. This is purely about the wood's visual appeal, not its quality.





Explore the impact of wood grade by swiping the divider left and right on the image below.
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{{ env('MEDIA_SERVER_URL') }}/webfolder_download/c4f84a04ba58dec62e5b30bd0eb5b241/grade_slider/02694f55ca765eef5bf2522cc6fab907d56ae165/grade_slider.jpg Character

Embrace the authentic appearance of natural wood with the Character grade. This grade features a rustic look, boasting a wide range of visual characteristics, such as pronounced color variations, opened and closed knots, mineral streaks, surface holes, and other character marks. Some distinctive marks may become prominent over time due to changes in the environment.

On the other hand, the Exclusive grade aims for a more refined and uniform appearance, with pronounced and nuanced coloration, and a limited range of color variations. Often chosen for spaces where a more formal or contemporary aesthetic is desired, it may be seen as a premium option for those who want a pristine and sophisticated look for their flooring.

Endless alluring patterns:
A trendy way to customize your floors

You may want to go with a more conventional style for your home design, and Linear hardwood boards in either 5" or 7" widths will look dazzling. However, Herringbone hardwood flooring in a 5" width is an eye-catching way to introduce some bold patterns into your home styling.

With roots in Ancient Rome, this floor pattern is characterized by precise layouts that require intricate craftsmanship, making it a symbol of sophistication in any setting. The classical Herringbone pattern defined by its majestic, staggered zigzags is having a revival in contemporary design, as the timeless classic still looks fresh and offers a unique manner to customize hardwood flooring.

Bolder composition options are available in the Muse Collection. Here are 6 different shapes that create unusual patterns and make symmetry come to life.


The shape of the Herringbone boards provides endless layout possibilities to refine any setting, whether wall-to-wall patterns or inlays in flooring sections to introduce visual divisions into larger spaces.

Moreover, combining different TruBalance Lite wood floorboards, Linear and Herringbone, or alternating 2 or 3 colors creates stunning effects that add depth and personality to a room.

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Durable quality for a lasting investment
The Muse Collection is available in two robust 3-ply floorboard technologies that ensure stability in varying conditions, and that can be installed over radiant heating systems.
Sawn Hardwood Lamella
SPF Core
Wood Backing Veneer
TruBalance Lite

TruBalance Lite technology comprises 3 layers:

  • 3 mm top wear layer of genuine hardwood
  • 9 mm SPF core made with locally sourced materials
  • 2 mm wood backing board
  • Total thickness of 9/16" suitable for 1/2" installations

TruBalance Lite delivers multiple advantages such as relative humidity levels ranging from 25% to 70% and the perfect floorboard thickness for combining with tiles and other flooring materials. Floorboards are available in 5" and 7" widths to bring your stylish vision to life. Discover all the benefits of TruBalance Lite technology.

Real hardwood top lamella
High density fiber (HDF) core
Wood Backing Veneer

The Lock technology is also composed of 3 layers:

  • 1.5 mm top wear layer of genuine hardwood
  • 7.5 mm high-density fiber HDF core
  • 2 mm wood backing board
  • Total thickness of 7/16"

The advantage of Lock technology is in its milling, which allows you to save on installation costs. The ends and sides of each board easily lock and hold firmly together like the pieces of a puzzle. In fact, no glue, nails, or staples are even required during installation. Rest assured that the Lock technology offers great stability, with relative humidity levels ranging from 30% to 60%. Floorboards are available in 5" widths. Learn more about Lock technology.

For both technologies, each board is protected with DuraMatt®, a polyurethane finish that offers 20 times more wear resistance than conventional oil finishes. The hypoallergenic coating provides superior resistance to stains, scratches, and abrasion, and is backed by a 35-year warranty on finish wear-through for residential applications.

Finally, the precise milling of every floorboard allows for easier maintenance, because better-fitting flooring limits dust and dirt buildup between boards. MIRAGE, a proudly North American company, prides itself on its unmatched manufacturing excellence, recognized 47 times as being best-in-industry by expert flooring dealers.

A varied selection of colors to enhance the natural beauty of wood in your design

The Muse Collection offers 8 exquisite colors of neutral tones to highlight your home décor and make it your own.

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