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Get sustainable DIY click Lock engineered hardwood flooring for cost-effective home upgrades that save you time and money.
Balance your budget and values on home improvement projects with eco-friendly Lock technology floorboards that you can easily install yourself!

Lock engineered planks provide real hardwood boards with a high-density fiber core (HDF). Equipped with the robust 2G™ angling installation system by Välinge, floorboards effortlessly lock together to create a level, gap-free floor that withstands temperature and humidity variations. Backed by a structural lifetime limited warranty, Lock guarantees lasting durability and beauty.

Fast and easy installation

Upgrade your home in record time—yourself! The Lock hardwood floor system ensures a swift, hassle-free project without compromising quality or style. Lock boards effortlessly lock together—no glue, no nails, no spacing needed! It's the DIY-friendly option!

Budget-friendly brilliance

Save big on labor and materials! Floated installation is faster than other methods, requiring no adhesives or nails. Lock floorboards offer cost-effective quality, instantly enhancing your home's esthetics and value—a great solution to finish ancillary spaces in your house!

Sustainable and reusable

Go green! Our Lock boards, made from biodegradable hardwood and a responsibly sourced wood fiber HDF core, stand apart from petroleum-based vinyl or adhesive-reliant floors. The hypoallergenic finish has an antimicrobial agent for a cleaner environment. Plus, get the added value of a product that can easily unlock if boards need to be repaired or moved.

Proudly North American

Choosing Lock technology isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in supporting homegrown businesses. Lock floorboards are crafted from responsibly harvested wood by a proudly North American manufacturer. With over 40 years in operation, our plants employ hundreds of people, delivering the finest quality hardwood floors to a network of thousands of local dealers.

Enduring natural beauty

Choose from 16 stunning colors in Oak or White Oak in 5″ boards, available in Character or Exclusive grades. Each floorboard boasts a 1.5 mm wear layer with a durable matte finish, guaranteed for 35 years against wear-through for residential applications, for beauty that lasts decades.

The strong and stable anatomy of engineered Lock technology

Discover the innovation behind our Lock floorboards, meticulously engineered for exceptional stability and durability while using six times less wood than conventional 3/4" solid boards. Lock technology is a budget-friendly and user-friendly hardwood flooring choice, effortlessly enhancing your home's esthetics, and adding value.

With a total thickness of 7/16", its 3-ply construction maintains resilience over radiant heating systems and in a broad relative humidity range of 30% to 60%. Each Lock plank undergoes precision milling for quick and straightforward assembly, eliminating gaps, unevenness, and squeaks.

Lock technology features 3 distinct layers offering many advantages.

Lock Technology
layered construction
Real hardwood top lamella
High density fiber (HDF) core
Wood Backing Veneer
1.5 mm top layer of genuine hardwood

The 1.5 mm top layer of genuine hardwood, whether crafted from dry-sawn Oak or White Oak, mirrors the authentic beauty of solid boards, steering clear of the repetitive patterns found in vinyl hardwood imitations.

Premium protective finishes

The substantial wear layer is enhanced with premium protective finishes—DuraMatt® for White Oak and a slightly glossier DuraMatt®X finish for Oak. These exclusive finishes contain antimicrobial agents for a safe environment and offer 20 times more wear resistance than conventional oil finishes. Backed by a 35-year warranty on finish wear-through for residential applications and a 3-year warranty for light commercial use, these finishes guarantee enduring value for your flooring investment.

7.5 mm thick high-density fiber (HDF) core

The unique 7.5 mm thick high-density fiber (HDF) core, mounted on a 2 mm wood backing board and tailored specifically for Lock technology, is made from responsibly sourced wood fibers to enhance stability compared to materials like MDF. It also minimizes sensitivity to humidity fluctuations, ensuring a longer lifespan for the floor.

A Mirage Floors purchase signifies a commitment to quality, supported by our structural lifetime limited warranty.

Proudly North American, MIRAGE has earned 45 distinctions for manufacturing excellence and is consistently rated best-in-industry by flooring experts and dealers.

Proudly North American

Often touted as the best way to be environmentally friendly and support your community, buying local means just that—purchasing items manufactured near you. By purchasing goods
that are produced locally, you stimulate the economy where you live—jobs are
created or retained, families and cultures are supported, and the community thrives
and grows.

Purchasing locally also means that you have more control over quality; you know that
certain goods have been produced in a way that meets national standards, especially
in terms of responsible forest management.

Furthermore, sourcing locally reduces the transportation costs associated with your
goods. Buying local puts less strain on the environment by using less gas, and thus fewer emissions.

Cost-effective installation: so easy, you could do it yourself!

The interlocking design of Lock floorboards guarantees resilience while minimizing the cost of labor and materials, leading to a uniform look across your entire home. 

With Välinge's innovation of the sturdy 2G™ angling installation system applied to both long and short sides, floorboards snugly interlock, saving time on spacing. The robust joints provide a tight connection on all sides, resulting in a level floor without any gaps, even in fluctuating temperatures and humidity rates (30% to 60%).

When it comes to fitting, the interlock design offers numerous benefits, whether you choose to float or glue the floorboards.

Flexible subfloor: Lock floorboards adapt to a range of subfloor types, including concrete, wood, and radiant heating systems. They can be installed below, on, or above grade. Consider floating them atop a recommended membrane, ensuring a level, clean, dry, and sound surface. Soundproofing or dampening materials can enhance comfort and acoustics in your space. The interlock design fastens the floor securely without the need for permanent attachments such as nails or adhesives, cutting down on costs.

Simple installation: Whether your floor is glued down or floated, the appeal of a swift and hassle-free process cannot be overstated. Lock floorboards check both boxes, making them a perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts. However, please keep in mind that prior experience or expert guidance is strongly recommended for a successful project.

Instructions can be summarized in 4 steps!


Prepare your floor surface and cover it with the recommended membrane. Take boards from several boxes, alternating as you go to ensure the best look.


Start in the left corner of the room. Lay the first row of boards with the groove facing you, leaving at least 1/2" gap from the wall. Install the next row, inserting the tongue into the groove at a 45˚ angle.


Press lightly on the boards to lock them in place. Use both hands to apply even pressure.


Lay subsequent rows in the same way.

In the hands of professionals, the floating method boasts an impressive 30% reduction in installation time, with no need for glue or nails, ensuring easy cleanup with a broom or mop.

Considering glue-down installation? No problem—Lock technology is compatible with that method as well. The seamless interlocking of the boards not only improves efficiency but also minimizes glue smudging compared to other flooring technologies, thanks to the simplified alignment of the boards.

Moreover, assorted board lengths ranging from 17″ to 69″ in each box not only offer a captivating visual appeal but also speed up the fitting process for added practicality.

Convenient accessories: Enhance your setup to professional standards with the Mirage Floors wide range of accessories, including stair nosings and reducers, to flawlessly trim and finish your flooring project with a sophisticated and polished look. Learn more here

Round reducer (floated installation)
Round reducer (floated installation)
Round Stair Nosing (floated installation)
Round Stair Nosing (floated installation)

Reusable planks: These floorboards are remarkably reusable, allowing for disassembly if they need to be repaired or moved. Simply unlocking the boards makes it easy for them to be replaced or relocated, guaranteeing your investment retains its value. This feature offers both convenience and sustainability, even amid changing circumstances.

If you have questions about hardwood flooring installation, please contact our Technical Service at 1 800 463-1303 or via Contact us. Our team of experts is standing by to assist you.

Going beyond installation, Lock floorboards require little maintenance thanks to the precision-milled bevels, or micro-V joints, on all four sides that provide a snug fit and minimize dust and dirt buildup between boards. While regular sweeping or vacuuming suffices for hardwood floor upkeep, achieve impeccable cleanliness with our specially formulated KLEAN by mirage cleaning products, crafted with premium ingredients to bring out the natural beauty of your Mirage wood floors. Explore our customized cleaning solutions here.

Discover our colors and species
Lock Technology
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Unlock style and savings:
transform peripheral spaces with lock technology

Lock flooring offers an ideal solution for hardwood floor projects in various ancillary
spaces of your home, providing a more budget-friendly option.

Basement esthetics: After enhancing your open-space kitchen and living room with exquisite hardwood flooring from our DreamVille or Muse collection, extending the same color to your basement becomes a cost-effective choice with Lock. Achieve the desired look while saving on both the product and installation costs.

Workshop comfort: Been spending more time in your basement workshop? Contemplating the addition of a radiant heating system? Opting for a budget-friendly Lock hardwood floor is a smart move, for warmth and enhanced comfort. The practicality of easily repairing individual planks or sections guarantees durability. Bid farewell to concerns about dirt and damage, all while staying within your budget.

Playroom safety: As your toddlers grow more active in their playroom, hardwood provides a safe surface on which to expend their energy. With the wear and tear from energetic activities, Lock offers a real hardwood surface that can withstand rough play. Should any planks bear the brunt of playtime, remain calm! The ability to easily replace damaged planks ensures peace of mind, leaving the option to convert the space again in the future.

Cottage upgrade: Seeking to enhance the coziness of your new cottage while making mortgage payments? Say goodbye to compromising style for affordability with Lock hardwood flooring. This economical solution adds warmth and charm to your space, making it the perfect upgrade for comfort-conscious cottage living.

Unlock the potential of Lock flooring to bring beauty and practicality to various spaces in your home.
See how Lock can effortlessly blend style, comfort, and budget friendliness in your home.
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You can rely on a reputable local Mirage Floors dealer for guidance in choosing the perfect product for your home renovation project—and your lifestyle. Our vast network of dealers across North America provides technical support and design advice in your area. Our dealers can also advise you on product availability and delivery times to assist you in planning your project.

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Technical information
Real hardwood boards. Fast and easy installation.
Installation Type
Radiant heat
Yellow house with 3 stories

Above, on or below grade with radiant heat systems.

Yellow building
Recommended for every story
Pie chart showing acceptable humidity rate

Easy installation

Floor can be installed over concrete, wood subfloor or radiant heat system.

Boards tightly interlock thanks to the robust 2G™ angling installation system by Välinge.

Micro-V joint on all four sides of the board, prevents dust and dirt buildup

Hypoallergenic finish for a safe environment

Each box contains assorted lengths from 17” to 69” for great looks and quick installation

Other cutting-edge technologies to cater to all your flooring needs


Real hardwood boards.
Environmentally friendly approach.

Real wood over a locally sourced SPF quarter sawn* core layer.
*Predominantly Quarter Sawn

Installation Type
Nailed or Stapled
Radiant heat

Above, on or below grade with radiant heat system.

Green building
Recommended for every story

TruBalance Lite

Real hardwood boards.
Engineered for affordability.

Real wood over a locally sourced SPF core layer.

Installation Type
Nailed or Stapled
Radiant heat

Above, on or below grade with radiant heat system.

Recommended for every story


Real hardwood boards.
Ingenious structure.

Real wood over a hardwood plywood base.

Installation Type
Nailed or Stapled
Radiant heat

Above, on or below grade with radiant heat system.

Red building
Recommended for every story


100% hardwood.
A solid product.

Real hardwood boards.

Installation Type
Nailed or Stapled

Above grade and on grade.