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Get affordable quality engineered hardwood floors for an impeccable and easy 1/2" installation.
Feel the quality of real hardwood under your feet on every level of your home with stable 3-ply construction including a 3/32" wear-layer and a locally sourced SPF core.
TruBalance Lite are real hardwood boards that are engineered for affordability. Suitable for 1/2" installations, TruBalance Lite adds value to your home with genuine hardwood flooring, indistinguishable from solid boards but with the enhanced dimensional stability of engineered boards for longer-lasting floors that keep their good looks over time.
Robust Quality
TruBalance Lite floorboards feature engineered 3-ply construction with a 3/32" (3 mm) hardwood wear layer, a locally sourced SPF core, and a wood backing board, topped off with a durable wear-resistant finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood.
Versatile Installation
Tongue-and-groove boards with milled bevels along all four edges are suitable for 1/2" installation, fit easily together, and can be either glued, nailed, floated, or stapled down over an approved wooden subfloor and on any level of your home, whether below, on, or above grade.
Best value for money
Enhanced floorboards for enhanced value. Get dependable hardwood flooring technology made by a reputable manufacturer recognized for precise milling. TruBalance Lite delivers uncompromising consistency from board to board, for the perfect look at an affordable price.
Selection advice
Guidance is key! Your local Mirage Floors dealer will leverage their expertise to guide you through the species and color options, complementary accessories, specialized care products, and product warranties, for a personal experience every step of the way.
Guaranteed stability
Outstanding structural integrity in relative humidity levels ranging from 25% to 70% that could cause thermal expansion in solid wood floors, making TruBalance Lite convenient for installation over radiant heating systems and in below-grade rooms.

Engineered boards for stable, even floors of lasting quality and beauty

TruBalance Lite boards combine cutting-edge flooring technology with carefully chosen materials to deliver the best quality and enhanced stability for your home at the right price. Each board is precision-milled to exact measurements to ensure consistency from board to board for easier installation and a uniform floor. 

Their 3-ply construction makes TruBalance Lite boards more resistant to fluctuating humidity levels that could result in warping or cupping in solid wood boards exposed to the same conditions.

The sturdy, cross-layered construction offers many advantages.

Sawn Hardwood Lamella
SPF Core
Wood Backing Board
3/32" (3 mm) Sawn Hardwood Lamella

The 3/32" (3 mm) top wear layer made of genuine hardwood highlights the natural beauty of wood. True to Mirage's reputation and commitment to quality and sustainability, the hardwood used for TruBalance Lite boards is harvested using selective cutting techniques that promote tree growth and resilience while maintaining species diversity.

Protective DuraMatt® finish

The top sawn-hardwood layer has a superior protective DuraMatt® finish that has stood the test of time. This exclusive silky matte finish contains antimicrobial agents for a safe environment and offers 20 times more wear resistance than conventional oil finishes. The DuraMatt® finish ensures you get your money's worth with a 35-year warranty on finish wear-through for residential applications and a 3-year warranty for light commercial applications.

SPF Core

The 3/8" (9 mm) SPF core layer mounted on a high-quality 1/16" (2 mm) wood backing board is composed of locally sourced materials that lower the eco-footprint without compromising quality. The SPF core layer comprises multiple thin strips of wood made from fast-growing species, placed side by side to provide extra rigidity against warping. The strips of wood are positioned crosswise from the direction of the wood fiber of the top sawn-hardwood lamella layer to reinforce the structure by restricting the amount of movement in the hardwood as humidity levels vary.

Overall thickness of 9/16"

The overall 9/16" thickness of TruBalance Lite boards is ideal for flooring projects that include tiles, as the thicknesses match. Thanks to its ample stability, TruBalance Lite can be made into wider boards, creating even more floor styling options.

Affordable installation for longer-lasting floors

Years of research and unparalleled know-how have led our team of engineers to develop this affordable option that adds value to your home. Your floors will last for years, and flexible installation methods save you time.

With a relative humidity tolerance ranging from 25% to 70% for nailed, glued, and stapled installations and 30% to 60% for floated installations, TruBalance Lite can be installed on every level of your home, whether below, on, or above grade. If you are looking for one product you can use throughout your home, TruBalance Lite makes shopping for floors easy.

If you have questions about hardwood flooring installation,
please contact our Technical Service at 1 800 463-1303 or Contact Us. Our team of experts in standing by to assist you.

TruBalance Lite can be installed over radiant heating systems without the risk of gapping between the boards. TruBalance Lite products can be glued down, floated over a recommended membrane, or attached with 18 GA staples or nails using the appropriate tool.

Each box of TruBalance Lite products contains assorted board lengths for a great look and quicker installation. While the tongue-and-groove configuration of the boards makes them easy to fit together, the milled bevels on all four edges of each board, called a micro-V joint, allow for better fitting during installation and prevent dust and dirt buildup once the flooring is installed.

Furthermore, Mirage Floors offers a variety of accessories, such as stair nosings and reducers, for trims that give your flooring installation a professional look.

Technical information
TruBalance Lite
Real hardwood boards. Engineered for affordability.
Installation Type
Nailed or Stapled
Radiant system

Above, on or below grade with radiant heat system.

Recommended for every story

Glued down over concrete or a recommended wood subfloor
Stapled or nailed down over a recommended wood subfloor
Floated installation

For a Nailed/Stapled type of installation, a fastener (nails and staples) gauge of 18 GA is required

Can be installed over subfloor equipped with radiant heat system

Micro-V joint on all four sides of the board, prevents dust and dirt buildup

Hypoallergenic finish for a safe environment

Each box contains assorted lengths for great look and quick installation

Can be resanded

Discover our most popular colors and species

TruBalance Lite
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Practical advice that meets your lifestyle

You can rely on a reputable Mirage Floors dealer near you for guidance in choosing the product for your home renovation project – and your lifestyle. Our vast network of dealers across North America provides technical support and design advice in your area. Our dealers can also advise you on product availability and delivery times to assist you in planning your project.

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Real hardwood boards.
Environmentally friendly approach.

Real wood over an SPF Quarter sawn core layer.

Installation Type
Nailed or Stapled
Radiant system

Above, on or below grade with radiant heat system.

Green building
Recommended for every story


Real hardwood boards.
Ingenious structure.

Real wood over a hardwood plywood base.

Installation Type
Nailed or Stapled
Radiant system

Above, on or below grade with radiant system.

Red building
Recommended for every story


100% hardwood.
A solid product.

Real hardwood boards.

Installation Type
Nailed or Stapled

Above grade and on grade.